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There’s nothing worse for any company than solving the wrong problem. That’s why the ultimate goal of the research phase isn’t to find a great solution, but a significant problem.


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Brainstorm ideas to solve the most significant business problem and identify the most viable solution, prototype and validate before committing to a solution.


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At this point, we have already built, tested, and validated your problem and potential solutions. Now, it’s time to actually create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that can be released to the customers.


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User testing with an MVP is different than prototype testing in the Design phase. Rather than limiting it to five in-depth interviews, you’re going to open up your new product to a larger group of current and new users to see how they respond. Again, we’re following our pattern of continuously building, testing, and iterating until you have the best product possible.


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We will help you create a go-to-market strategy for your product and get your customer support and sales team up to speed to make the launch of your new product or feature successful!